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Summer 2022 Pikasso Swig Look Book

Our Summer Look Book is out! Packed with new and fun projects for all ages that is sure to kick start summer. Leather, String, Painting, Glass & More!

New DIY Crafts

Summer is such a fun time of year, although it seems like everyone is on vacation these days! Phew! Vacation.... feet in the sand, waves, frozen drinks... sign us up!

Our new Summer DIY projects have vibrant colors. fun new patterns and a wider array than ever before. We have tried to expand our menu and offer more ideas for getting creative, as we know that new choices gives you more opprtunity to create magic.

Our New string art projects are a little more advanced, also new wood working and leather projects are great for those who like to build and assemble. Our projects here at Pikasso Swig are meant for any age with a little help for the little ones. We want kiddos to be able to try more challenging projects and learn how to use more advanced techniques, which gives them more confidence outside of the studio.

Studies show that children who create and explore from an early age, do better in school and show more confidence in other areas of life. Confidence to take changes and make mistakes., knowing that our so called "mistakes" are just lessons.

A Note From Jamie

From an early age, I loved to create. I spent hours drawing and tracing in my room and of course Art was my favorite subject. I found throughout my life, in times of happiness and in times of stress that I could always go back to creating. In my day there were no ipads, so a box of crayons created endless hours of fun!

I used art and drawing throughout my career. From the early days on in Marketing, to my Finance career, to now at Pikasso Swig, I have never left home without a sharpie marker. Sometimes I get caught up in helping others create and forget how it all started. In those times, I try to get back to my roots and pick up a pencil. I find comfort in both the predictability of certain mediums and in the idea that Art Is For Everyone. We say here at Pikasso Swig that, "there are no mistakes in art." This is a reminder to those that come through our doors and a reminder to myself that there are no mistakes, just choices that we build on. Nothing is good or bad. It just is.

I find that Art creates a synergy across cultures and across ages and sharing space with others who are exploring new things is a true gift. As we move through life into adulthood we can sometimes get lost in the everyday stresses. We get lost in trying to get to the end result of something and forget that in the process is where the magic is. The process is the enjoyment, so we strive to fall in love with the process.

Art gives us some time to slow down. As we wait for paint to dry, as we watch our children see their painting framed for the first time, as we shake the glitter, as we blow out birthday candles, we are reminded of the little moments and how much magic there is happening right now. Happy Summer Friends!

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