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Adulting is Fun at Pikasso Swig! Pikasso Parties are the cure for the common get-together.

We know grown-ups deserve to have fun too! That's why Pikasso Parties offer a creative escape designed for adults.

Is it your birthday? Celebrate another year of fabulous YOU! Need a break from the daily grind? Grab your friends and get crafty! Pikasso Parties are perfect for any occasion (or no occasion at all). We've got you covered! From the craft supplies to the snacks, Pikasso Swig take care of everything. Just show up and get ready to have fun!

Party Teapot

Royal Tea Experience ($55/pp.)

Unleash your inner royal! Choose your creative crown: watercolor masterpieces, sparkling jewelry, or whimsical teabag art. Sip tea, savor treats, and borrow a fancy hat for a royally good Royal Tea party!


Neon Glow Experience ($50/pp.)

Ditch the ordinary, ignite the neon! Celebrate with a guided neon painting party! Create masterpieces, design body art, and party under blacklights. Neon drinks, cupcakes & bracelets included!


LaDolce Vida Experience ($50/pp.)

Savor a delicious antipasto charcuterie spread while you sip on refreshing limoncello drinks. Design your own watercolor, paint a sunshine-y lemon doormat (or tote bag!) to take home as a reminder of your delightful evening. 


Parisean Nights Party ($50/pp.)

C'est magnifique! Baby we've got your beret! Indulge in delectable French pastries and toast the evening with exquisite French wine. Design your own decoupage trinket dish or illuminate your home with stunning light-up string art.


Tipsy Portrait Party ($50/pp.)

No experience? No problem! Grab your friends, some wine (and maybe a side of giggles), and capture their portrait (or hilarious abstract interpretation) at our fun and outrageous paint party. Charcuterie and sweet treats included to keep the laughter flowing!


Bottles & Brie ($55/pp.)

Combine your love of cheese and wine with a touch of artistic fun! Come paint your own masterpiece on a bottle of wine at our global wine & cheese party. Sample exquisite cheeses from around the world, expertly paired with international wines

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