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Cuteness Overload!

These little ones! Holy Moly! Quinn's Birthday was such a delight! Along with all of her friends, she created magaical rainbows with beautiful ribbons, bows and colors! Her friends also created custom letters filled with glitter and roses, which are her favorite flower! At Pikasso Swig, kids design their own prties. They choose everything from projects to balloon colors, to their cupcakes & more! This is a way to empower little ones to feel confident about their decisions. We always want to provide a supportive space where kids are encouraged to make mistakes and explore all the possibilites their little hearts dream! Our motto is "There are no mistakes in art!" :)

Customizable Projects

For Birthdays, we usually like to encourage kids to choose a theme. Anything they can imagine! Flowers, Glow In The Dark, Under The Sea, Sleepover... anything they love! We then send over a list of crafts specifically for them. They are able to choose their crafts and make any changes they would like. The world is their oyster! We love coming up with fun and unique ideas and are never at a loss for magic! Want to learn more? Give us a shout to talk about your next celebration!

A Note From Jamie

Quinn is just a sweet joy. A little one who is so creative and knows exactly what she likes. It was such a pleasure to see her smile and laugh with her friends and to see everyone support each others designs. Each kiddo walked around and said, "wow that is beautiful!" These kiddos are getting so big and I cannot wait to see how tall Quinn is at her next birthday! An amazing part of owning a store like this is the enjoyment of seeing these littles blossom. Its amazing how much they change through the years. Some kids that used to come to our old store are now taller than me! While it is amazing to see these accomplishments, sometimes I wish time would slow down! Happy Birthday Quinn! You are so loved!

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