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We live in a world where teams no longer need to be in the same room to achieve success. In fact, many teams around the world work together without ever seeing each other in person! 

Team building exercises give groups of people a fun environment to connect and learn about each other’s working styles, strengths, weaknesses, thought processes, and methods of problem-solving, all of which contribute to a team’s success. Team Building is a great way to boost moral, foster bonding, collaboration and innovation. Team Building is also a great way to have FUN!

One of the best benefits of team-building activities is that your team will start to grow stronger without even realizing it. (They’ll be having that much fun with each other!) At Pikasso Swig in Charlottesville, we offer a wide range of options for all group sizes.


  • We offer a wide variety of Painting & Craft options that appeal to both small and large groups

  • Unlike other activities, everyone leaves with something MEMORABLE!

  • Our dedicated instructors are High Energy & experienced in teaching all skill levels. 

  • Our fun Ice Breaker Games get the party started.

  • We customize events to meet your goals/objectives/budget.

  • We take care of everything! You and your team just show up for the fun!

  • Come hungry! We offer a full selection of Food & Drink options.

  • Above all else we are awesome-sauce, supportive, and fun! Come see for yourself!

Team Building in CHarlottesville Virginia
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