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The Center at Belvedere

We started teaching craft classes in May at The Center at Belvedere. The Center has a mission to positively impact our community by creating opportunities for healthy aging through social engagement, physical well-being, civic involvement, creativity, and lifelong learning. There are tons of fun classes coming up, so check their calendar for more details.

Wood Burning

Wood Burning is such a great craft and is amazing for all ages. The art of pyrography has been around for centuries. Also known as woodburning, pyrography is a fantastic technique for skilled sketchers to try their hand at a different medium. The history of the craft dates back to the Egyptians and some African tribes, and in China it was known as fire needle embroidery. Throughout history, artists have been able to express themselves by creatively burning strokes into wood, leather, and even gourds.

A Note From Jamie

Teaching at The Center at Belvedere has been a great joy! I love the sense of community and our classes have been a great way for everyone to get together and meet new people. Our classes are a bit non-traditional and have a mix of learning, music, and fun. We have really tried to bring the same Pikasso Swig experience and energy, to this off-site beautiful location. It's a way to get together and create something beautiful. Everyone leaves with finished pieces, just like at our store.

Next month we will begin some evening classes with a sip and wine experience. We will be adding a leather project into the mix, which is a popular favorite. Evening classes are a little more chill with some added time to mingle. We may even play a game or two ;) Join us at the center, right here in our backyard. Classes are open to all with membership options available for a minimal fee.

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