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Family Fun Day!

There's nothing better than seeing a family get together, put their busy lives aside and connect with one another. At Pikasso Swig there are projects for everyone of all ages, so everyone can find something they love. Summer projects are here and every project is customizable. Want to paint? Go for it! Clock making? Yes please! This photo below really shows that family days are fun days! We loved partying with this group!

Its Summer & Its Hot!

Join us any day for crafty time and beat the summer heat! Pikasso Swig is a great place for a morning of fun before heading off to the pool or beach. Visiting from out of town and looking for things to do in Charlottesville, come on in and make something memorable!

A Note From Jamie

Pikasso Swig is designed for all ages. Instead of booking a class where everyone does the same thing, we give you a chance to choose from any craft at any price point. This gives little ones a chance to participate and do things that are age appropriate, while adults create their own projects too! We also have a full kitchen and bar for added enjoyment. Come spend the day with us and take a moment to reconnect to your crafty side. We cant wait to see you!

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