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Jungle Sloth- Sip & Create Experience

Well hello there. You made it! You've received your box and are ready to begin your experience. Creating is an amazing way to connect with yourself and others! Whether you're having a well-deserved date night, enjoying time with friends or family, creating at-home isn't just about creating, it's all about the experience. Creating memories, having fun and experiencing something new are all a part of your experience. There are no mistakes. We are creating, learning and sharing together! That IS the genius of getting swiggy and we are glad you're here! 


Step 1: Open your experience kit and unpack your magical materials.

Step 2: Pour yourself a nice glass of wine.

(Review tasting notes and additional information)

Step 3: Turn on some tunes or your favorite music. 

Step 4: Take a sip. Let's get started. Click on the video above and enter your PASSWORD. 

Step 5: ENJOY your experience!

Step 6: Want to share your creativity? Post to Social Media at tag us @pikassoswigcraftbar

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Questions? Feedback? Tips?

Give us a shout and we will get back to you with the craftiest suggestions possible. 

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Thanks for sharing the gift of art with the world!
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