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Father's Day Weekend

Sunday June 19th 2022 is Father's Day. A day where we celebrate the amazing men in our lives who have been by our side for everything. This weekend we held special crafting classes for dads and kiddos and you will not believe what they created!

A Surprise For Dad

We had the pleasure of crafting today with Jaylen and Roger who made surprise paintings for one another. They came out amazing and we know they will treasure these always. Jaylen starts 4th grade next year and his dad gave him a special note! Jayden painted a special message and said his dad is #1, and were not going to lie.. we believe him! Happy Father's Day Roger!

We have tons of projects for everyone and the best part is you can customize them any way you want. As we always say, there's no mistakes in art.

A Note From Jamie

If you've been to Pikasso Swig, you are not a stranger to Bob Schwartz. My dad and I are pretty much besties and at this point, joined at the hip. Every day I have the pleasure of spending time with my daddy-o, since he retired a couple of years ago.

My father has been instrumental in my growth as a human and incredibly supportive of my dream here at Pikasso Swig. He has taught me many lessons and has watched me cry countless times, when I just need a nap. Thanks dad!

He is an invaluable part of Pikasso Swig and of my life in general. It is my greatest gift to have my father here with me and to share in the many joys of business with him. In true Craft Owner fashion, this year I made him a leather wallet. Like stitched, stained, and stamped the whole thing. (my fingers are still sore) Its not perfect, but since hes a dad, it is mandatory that he uses it... even though I am 40. Happy Father's Day Dad, I love you endlessly!

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