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Hang with us at the Swig Shop! 

Would you say you are Creative? Crafty?

Energetic? Amazing? All around awesome?

Well, sounds like.... we should be BFF's!

Join our team at Pikasso Swig, where you can be a part of something magical! We envision cake on Tuesdays, cold brew coffee by the tons, impromptu karaoke and daily dance parties! You’ll have the opportunity to have lots of creative responsibility – in any position you have here! WE are a TEAM and we LOVE ideas, so get ready to dream BIG... swig style!

We are not officially OPEN yet, but are accepting applications to get the party started!


Check out our new positions below:

Open Positions


Do you have a specialty? We'd LOVE to know! Painting? Drawing? Jewelry Making? Floral Arranging? Leather Design? Glasswork? Beadwork? Furniture Design? Cooking? Pastry Making? Oh.. the possibilities..... :)

We are looking for energetic, charismatic, enthusiastic, fun-loving, personalities! Ideal candidates can speak in front of a group and will not be afraid to make tons of friends! We provide the space, materials and atmosphere.. you bring the vibe!


-As a Sr. Pikasso, you will be the HOST/HOSTESS (up to 20 people). You run the show! Of course, you'll have backup from our on site staff! Teach techniques and provide backgrounds on showcased artists and projects. 

-As a Jr. Pikasso, you’ll tend the bar (beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks), serve food items, and help with projects (ex, extra materials, colors, give creative feedback)!

-Support and maintain a fun and enthusiastic environment. We always promote creativity in any form! 

-Available 4 hours per class for set-up and clean-up.


Our "Palette Menu" is one of the most vital parts of our classes. We are looking for someone to prepare our menu with creativity and lots of love! Items are prepared fresh daily and all items are served with a creative flare! Be ready to get your hands dirty!

Experience is a plus but not a requirement. 


- Prep and prepare simple items from our menu. Mornings require display stocking and prep of daily menu items. Afternoons require assembling of hot paninis, cold dishes like charcuterie and bruschetta, and presentation of desserts.   

- Maintain inventory of supplies and ingredients. 

- Easy warewashing and trash removal. 

- Available 4-6 hours a day, including weekends. 

Must complete SERVSAFE safety course for food preparation. 


Our SWIG retail Shop showcases products that are geared toward DIY'ers, creative play for kids, creative projects and speciality merchandise that encourages creativity and expression! We scour the globe for "special" products that delight the senses and bring joy and creativity to the world! In other words.. unique products that cant be found anywhere else! 

Are you a small crafter? Are you a local artisan? We would love to talk to you and learn more about your creative endeavors!

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Whats your LOVE?

Thanks for your interest in joining our team!

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