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As you know, we are a LOCAL business. Many of our patrons (both adults & children) we KNOW personally. We want you to know that we take the health and well being of our staff and YOU, our customers, very seriously. We want everyone to be healthy, safe and happy and the thought of anyone becoming ill gives us cause to crawl in a hole and shut our doors. Truly! Though we know this is not an option and mostly we know people want to get back to enjoying their lives, so we have decided to reopen our crafty doors. We are going to get back to spreading joy through art and we are going to do this in the safest way we possibly can. 

We have remained closed until we felt that we had the necessary precautions in place to help prevent the spread of this virus. While  nothing is guaranteed, we are taking the following measures at our retail location:

  • UNDER THE WEATHER = STAY HOME (you know this): If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, please stay home. We offer online ZOOM classes and online group experiences, so we can come to you! We promise, it's easy! Wine at your doorstep? Yes please! 

  • TOUCHLESS TEMPERATURE CHECKS = We will take the temperature of everyone who enters our crafty doors. We use a touchless forehead thermometer. What will this do? We don't know either! This is just another way to protect the safety of our staff and patrons.  

  • SPACED OUT SEATING: Our tables are spread AT LEAST 6 feet apart. We ask that you do not move them or re-arrange our space. Larger groups? Call ahead and we will accommodate you. Our space is available for private events. Contact Us. 

  • PROJECT CHOICE: We will supply you with a disposable, paper project menu. Choose from over 40+ options. All menus are discarded after each use.  

  • NO BAR ORDERS: Rather than heading to the bar to get a drink, we’ll come to take orders from you! Easy peasy! All drinks are served in disposable cans, boxes & bottles. We will not be offering bottle service or glasses at this time. 

  • SHARED SPACE = MASKS PLEASE: Anytime that you move around our space, we ask you to wear a mask. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with a disposable option.

  • HAND SANI FOR ALL: Upon entry to Pikasso Swig, you will be asked to sanitize your hands.

    • We only use non-toxic sanitizer that is natural and safe for kids :) ​

  • HAND SANITIZER AT EACH TABLE: Hand sanitizer, non-toxic cleaning supplies & gloves are supplied at each table, just in case!

    • We use non-toxic cleaners that are natural and safe for everyone :) ​​

  • CASH IS NOT KING: We will be limiting our payment methods to credit or debit cards. Touchless options only. Our portable devices will be sanitized after every use.

  • SANITIZING LIKE NO TOMORROW: We are disinfecting everything you may touch between groups, including: tools, paint, chairs, tables, restrooms, table tops, bar tops, door handles, etc.

  • LIMITED GROUP SIZE: We will operate our facility at 40% capacity. (even though our gov't says differently) That means we will only allow 15 patrons in our place of business at one time. Large groups, we ask that you please call ahead or contact us for an appt. 

  • OUR DOORS ARE OPEN: Whenever possible, we will keep our front and back doors open to increase ventilation.

  • RESTROOMS: This is the biggie! We will be sanitizing our restrooms frequently. We have touchless hand soap stations, touchless hand towel stations and touchless garbage receptacles in every restroom. Signs will be posted in every restroom with best practices for hand washing and everyday protective measures. (i.e. wash for 20 seconds, open the restroom door with a towel) 


  • UNDER THE WEATHER = STAY HOME: We’re heading home if we’re feeling ill, even at the slightest sign of it!

  • TOUCHLESS TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Just in case, we’re checking employee temperatures when arriving to work. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees Fareinheight will be sent home.

  • SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB: We will be washing our hands. All the time ;)

    • ​We require frequent employee handwashing (e.g. before, during, and after preparing food; after touching garbage) with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and increase monitoring to ensure adherence.

  • UNDERCOVER LOVE: We’re thrilled to see you, you just might not be able to tell under our masks. We’ll wear them while we’re working and show you our happy dance instead :) Dance party anyone?

  • MINIMIZING INTERACTIONS: We’re limiting our hours, so we can limit our team size and minimize interactions between employees. We may be "Just Jamie" for a bit!

  • MINIMAL MENU: At this time, we have a limited menu. Ask your server about food options.

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